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ELIMU Impact Evaluation Center opened in 2006 and is a research NGO based in the town of Kianyaga, Central Province, Kenya. Our work includes measuring the practical impact of different poverty alleviation initiatives such as rural electrification, microinsurance and legal aid. Our methodology is centred on the concept of randomized experiments.

Why Do Randomized Experiments Matter?

This initiative stems from the realization that without a proper counterfactual, it is impossible to ascertain the effect of development aid. By randomly assigning the treatment to a treatment group and comparing it to a control group much like in a randomized drug trial, the problem of the counterfactual is solved and Elimu can discern which development projects are successful and which initiatives are the most cost effective methods to improve living standards.

Our Staff

Adam Aberra

Project Manager

Diego Albuja Arellano

Project Manager

Hannah Block

Project Manager

Momanyi Mokaya

Project Manager

Simon Newman

Project Manager

Thomas Kokossou

Project Manager

Dominicah Wawira

Assistant Office Manager

Kennedy Bundi

Pamoja Manager

Kennedy Muchira

Field Coordinator


Legal Consultant

Catherine Wahome

Legal Officer

Joackim Mitambo

Hydro Manager


Transport Manager



Eliars Gichobi

Field Officer

Daniel Gichuru

Field Officer

Esther Njeri

Field Officer

Zipporah Mukami

Field Officer

David Gachoki

Field Officer


Field Officer

Our 2021 Interns

Jung Min Kim

Research Intern

Zachary Nanji

Research Intern

Carly Bennett

Engineer Hydro Intern

Julia Green

McGill Law Intern

  • Former Office Managers
  • Emma Gilman (2014-2015)
  • Jonathan Kourgialis (2013-2014)
  • Etienne Cayer (2012-2013)
  • Kurtis Lockhart (2011-2012)
  • Averie Baird (2010-2011)
  • Ellen Moscoe (2009-2010)

  • Former Research Interns
  • Xueyan Yin (2016)
  • Johanne Lindheim Butenschon (2016)
  • Trixie Mugisha Birikundavyi (2016)
  • Beth Burnstein (2016)
  • Dexter Waters (2015-2016)
  • Jessye Kilburn (2015)
  • Stephanie Ambrose (2015)
  • Miriam Mugo (Legal Advisor, University of Nairobi, 2014)
  • Ambrose Waigwa (Legal Advisor, Moi University, 2014)
  • Nicholas Ellery (2014)
  • Annie Xie (2014)
  • Daniel Binette (2014)
  • Julia Bahen (2013)
  • Tina Hlimi (2013)
  • Ishani Majumdar (2013)
  • Diego Pulido-Lema (2013)
  • Linda Torres Celis (2013)
  • Nadia Lampkin (2013)
  • Tom Freeman (2013)
  • Valentine Rinner (2012)
  • Kimberley Smith (2012)
  • Saif Ullah Khan (2012)
  • Liam Kirwin (2012)
  • Elise Lepine (2011)
  • Natalie Chan (2011)
  • Juan Diego Astudillo (2011)
  • Harrison Pollock (2011)
  • ClĂ©ment Bisserbe (2010)
  • Raahil Madhok (2010)
  • Etienne Robitaille (2010)
  • Joanie Turcot (2010)
  • Jacob Fox (2009)
  • Danai Reynolds (2009)
  • Robin Audy (2008)
  • Simon Gagnon-Deluguet (2008)
  • Veronique Russell (2008)
  • Quentin Lamensch (2008)

Prof. Matthieu Chemin

a photo of the founder, Matthew Chemin

Matthieu Chemin is an Associate Professor of Economics at McGill University and has been conducting research in Kenya since 2006. His research focuses on exploring the conditions conducive to economic growth and development, such as the quality of institutions (judiciary), infrastructure (electricity), and markets (credit, insurance, and labor).

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