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Former ELIMU Office Manager Emma Gilman with the teaching staff of Muchagara Primary School.

Elimu Community Library Online Tutoring Program

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To thank our respondents for their continued participation in our research, in 2012 Elimu opened a community library at Mucharaga Primary School. The library has been equipped with shelves and books and an Elimu librarian organizes activities for students and teaches them basic computer skills. ELIMU is currently undertaking a crowdfunding initiative to raise $4000 for the community library.

Together with the Elimu Community Library in Kenya, McGill students would like to establish an online tutoring program for high school students in the Kirinyaga area of the country. This program will allow both Kirinyaga and McGill students to expand their horizons and gain exposure to new people and environments.

The rural youth in Kirinyaga have no computers and no adequate after-school support system. This exemplifies the widening digital divide between poor and rich countries, and rural and urban areas. McGill has several volunteers willing to donate their time to assist these youth groups in accessing educational support, yet many are unable to physically travel there. A Skype-based tutoring program would help bridge both this physical and digital divide.

If the funding goal is achieved, a McGill intern will travel to Kenya in December, 2014. He or she will purchase five desktop computers and set them up in the Elimu library, along with an Internet connection. The McGill intern will then teach and assist the Kenyan students on how to use the computers and Skype, and the program will launch in January, 2015.

The tutoring program would allow McGill student volunteers to help support education initiatives, and thus contribute to social development in Kirinyaga. McGill is home to numerous students who are interested in international development, as evidenced by the large size of the International Development Studies (IDS) program. For these students, and others interested in the field of international development, being exposed to the lives and challenges of those in rural areas and in the developing world can be an incredibly valuable experience.

Moreover, this project could have a significant impact on the Kirinyaga students, as McGill volunteers will help tutor them in English and provide support in various subjects, such as math.

McGill students have a lot to gain and learn through establishing relationships with students in a rural and developing area like Kirinyaga, Kenya.

What are the top 3 goals of this project?
1. Create opportunities for McGill students to tutor and practice English with high school students in Kirinyaga
2. Encourage cross-cultural interaction between McGill and Kirinyaga students, so that they can all gain exposure to new people and environments
3. Provide an Elimu intern from McGill with experience in leadership and social development through managing the program

Professor Chemin tours Muchagara Primary School.